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Selecting the Perfect RV to Fit Your Needs


Congratulations, you’ve decided to by an RV! Selecting the RV that best fits your lifestyle and needs is a big decision with several considerations. We’ve put together a checklist based on our three decades of experience – not just as an RV dealer but as RV owners as well. In fact, RV’ing is a family passion of ours and now that we have a third generation in our family, we get to relive the fun all over again, not only with our own family but with our customers as well.

14% of Canadians own an RV and that number is growing. With that many people RV’ing, there are more and more options available to the buyer making it harder and harder to pick the perfect RV for your needs! Read on for some tips to help with that big decision.

Budget and Financing

  • Do you want to finance or purchase outright? Shepherd’s offers financing that is very competitive. If you get financing it is best to get preapproved so you know what your budget is ahead of time.
  • Make sure there are no hidden costs before you sign the purchase agreement! With some dealers, there are additional costs that catch many RV buyers off guard. Items like administration, pre-delivery inspection and more are passed onto the buyer. At Shepherd’s we put our pricing up front and proudly offer the lowest prices after delivery so there is no mystery or second guessing your purchase.
  • Budget and personal preference will determine whether you buy new or pre-owned. Pre-owned is an option for people who may be trying RV'ing for the first time or want to limit their investment but be sure to deal with a reputable dealer and be prepared to make compromises in your wish list when buying pre-owned.

Size and Layout

  • When deciding what type of RV you want, you will need to consider the size. RVs come in sizes from very small 12 ft. models and go up to 40 ft. with three or more slide outs (which really maximize space!). Some things to take into consideration are the power of your towing vehicle, where you will be camping, what are your hobbies - will you be bringing your 4 wheeler etc., how many people will camping, will you be spending much time inside the RV?
  • Shepard’s has lots of options available from the roomy (ref Trailer Runner from Heartland) to the innovative compact (ref White Water Retro by Riverside RV).

Sleeping Arrangements

  • Many different floor plans are available with units designed for couples or bunkhouse-style family models. Bunk Beds are great for kids but not for adults, traveling with kids means you may be bringing extra friends along and bunk beds make it possible to get extra beds when needed.
  • If a private sleeping area is important, then look for models starting around 25 feet.


  • Manoeuvrability in the washroom is important so get in there and check it out! Large framed people and those with small children that need assistance will want to pay special attention to bathroom size and manoeuvrability.
  • RV's offer shower or tub options. If you have small children then a tub may be the way to go but for many people with older or no children, a shower is the perfect way to save precious cabin space.

Cooking & Eating

  • For many it is the call of the outdoors that attracts them to RV'ing so you will no doubt spend much of your time BBQ'ing and eating outdoors. However, Mother Nature is not always cooperative and having a full kitchen and eating facilities is another way to extend the RV’ing season.
  • Most RV's come with a sink, cooktop or range and microwave. Some even come with dishwashers! Eating areas range in size so if you want to get everyone around the table, ensure you have enough seating for the whole family.
  • Counter space is always at a premium in an RV. If counter space is a must have for you, then be sure to look for the models that offer a corner kitchen as we find these units offer more food prep space.

What's Included and What's Extra?

Ideally, you should be able to drive from the dealership to a campground with everything you need. So be sure that what you do need is included or priced out for you. We want to make it as easy for our customers as possible so we include some important items with every RV we sell.

  • FREE Deep cycle battery and box installed
  • FREE Full propane tanks
  • FREE Pre delivery inspection
  • FREE Walk through orientation of your new RV
  • FREE RV starter kit including the following: Sewer and water hoses, toilet chemical, toilet paper and rubber gloves
  • No administration charges!

Heck! We’ll even install your hitch at no extra charge!


Our over 30 years in the business has taught us a great deal about RV manufactures warranties. The quality and construction as well as the warranty are what influences what we have on our lot. We only carry the best.

That said, every RV manufacturer warranties their product but not all warranties are the same so be sure to review these with your dealer and ask them to point out the differences with each. Be sure to subscribe to our blog or follow up on Twitter or Facebook for our upcoming feature on warranty and financing.

The Customer Experience

It all comes down to this… Make sure you are doing business with an experienced RV dealer that understands your needs and goes the extra mile to ensure you get what you want.

We have three decades in the business and are happy to pass this experience onto our customers

We prefer to keep it small and work personally with everyone of our customers.

We don't have sales staff – we are the sales staff!